Myths about carpet cleaning

False information is the fastest to spread. Be it anything, the myths and wrong processes always find their way. In the carpet cleaning industry also myths about it prevail, people are so confused between what to do and what not. Although there are various myths, one thing is sure that regular carpet cleaning is essential. For protecting your carpet from stains and odors, professional cleaning is necessary. Saratoga carpet cleaning pro solves various cleaning problems.


Carpeting these days is like never before. Earlier the fabric of carpets was not so good, and therefore when people apply vacuum cleaning the results were not good. But now people are more aware of their home furnishings, and they use better quality carpets. And if you even use vacuum cleaning daily, they will not destroy. But one thing to be careful of is to check the working of the cleaner.


Many people think that steam will snatch away the shine of the carpet. But it is not so. Steam is not simple to handle. If you have a proper machine suitable for steam cleaning, then only do it on your own. Otherwise, choose a professional for a better carpet. If you focus on one particular spot, you may tear up the carpet. And the timing is crucial in steam washing. Know how much time to keep it in the machine, and for how long to soak it. It would help if you were very particular about it. And never forget to dry up the carpet properly after steaming. Rug steaming is a typical job; doing it at home without proper machines and training will damage the carpet.

Baking soda

Many people try to clean their carpets at home using baking soda. Although soda is good at cleaning a few things, not your carpet, what it does is covers the stains and smell. But after some days the condition will be the same. To avoid that, always opt for deep cleaning and professional cleaning. Professionals never use unsuitable materials, and this adds up to the life of the carpet.


Almost all the manufacturers suggest not to use the cleaners available in the market. They will not only affect its durability but will discolor the carpet. Sometimes rather than removing the stain, they will strengthen it. The cleaning of your carpet depends on its fabric. Different chemicals and detergents go well with different materials. Professional cleaning is, therefore, necessary to understand the fabric of your carpet.